We offer you an opportunity to enter the world of wooden panels manufacturing (beech, alder and other). Our production is based on 2 enterprises - a part of the company.
Branch Establishment DP "Lamella" started its production in 2004 . It is situated in the territory of the Ukraine in Zakarpatye Region, rich in beech forests. Its project capacity is about 3000 m3 per year.
Foreign Enterprise IP "Stanles" is situated in Belarus in the central part of Polesye. This area offers favourable conditions for growing alder. The unique microclimate of Polesye marsh positively influences the quality and facture of alder panels. The capacity of the enterprise allows processing up to 25000 m 3m3 of wood.

Besides wooden panels it's also possible to produce co-products such as parquet, moulded articles, edged lumber.
  Wooden panels:        
  Wooden panels have won their popularity after they have been first introduced to the world market. One can observe a steady growth of sales beginning from the 1982 and up to the present moment.